Years ago Mr. Grimm was part of an excellent trial team that tried and prevailed in what now is commonly known as the Swann Street Murder. Three men were accused of Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice by covering up the crime scene.

In their home where Robert Wone, a close friend of all three occupants, was spending the night. He was found stabbed to death in the middle of the night.

Trial proceedings were reported daily on most news outlets. Recently Mr. Grimm was contacted by to participate in several Podcasts that are going to be produced.

Unlike other Podcasts on the case which are fraught with errors and misguided opinions, Audible promises a version that will be based solely on the physical evidence,  motions and trial transcript testimony of witnesses who appeared at trial and the Plethora of well-known experts on who were called to testify on both sides; including Dr. Henry Lee, currently a Professor at the Henry C. Lee Institute for Forensic Sciences in New Haven Connecticut. 

The Podcast perhaps will get you closer to actually, Who Killed Robert Wone.